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Arduino Starter Kit - Beginners

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The best Arduino Starter Kit for eginners in India, available exclusively at MG Super LABS.

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  • Arduino Uno
  • Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3
  • Arduino YUN
  • Arduino Leonardo
  • Arduino Micro without Headers
  • Breadboard - Mini (Black/Yellow/Red/Blue/Green/White)
  • 4AA Battery Holder with Enclosure and switch
  • Micro Servo Motor
  • MinIMU9v2 - 9DOF - Accelerometer Gyro Compass
  • Jumper Wire M-M-65pcs

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Arduino Starter Kit v1.2



1  x Arduino UNO R3 

1  x Premium USB Cable

1  x Breadboard

1  x Hookup Wires(10m)

10x Jumper Wires(M/M)

1  x Project Box



10x Resistor - 330?

10x Resistor - 1 k?

5  x Resistor - 10 k?

3  x Resistor - 1 M?

1  x Shift Register(74HC595)

1  x ULN2003

1  x Motor Driver(L293D)

2  x NPN Transistor(2N2222)

1  x FET Power Transistor 

2  x Diode (Rectifier)

1  x Diode (Zener)

2  x Capacitor(0.1uF)

1  x Burg Strip(1x40)

1  x DC Barrel Jack Adapter - Male



1 x Motion Detector (PIR Sensor) with F/F Cable

1 x Light Sensor (Photocell)

1 x Temperature Sensor(LM35)

2 x Button(Large)

4 x Button(Small)

1 x Potentiometer (20k?)

2 x Infrared Sensor(Tx-Rx Pair 5mm)

1 x TV Remote Sensor(TSOP 1738)



1 x DC Motor

1 x RGB LED(Diffused)

5 x Red LED(Red Diffused)

5 x Green LED(Diffused)

5 x Yellow LED(Diffused)

5 x White LED(Super Bright) 3mm

1 x Piezo Buzzer

2 x 7 Segment Display

1 x 16x2 Charachter LCD



Please note -

Select the USB cable upgrade on the basis of board option you choose -

1. Arduino Uno

2. Arduino Mega

Needs USB A to B cable


And the following board needs USB A to Micro B(these cables are also used to connect Smartphone) -

Arduino Leonardo

Arduino Yun

Arduino Miro


You can also choose the color of mini Breadboard, simple mentin the color in comments while placing order.


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Arduino Starter Kit - Beginners

Arduino Starter Kit - Beginners

The best Arduino Starter Kit for eginners in India, available exclusively at MG Super LABS.