MirW Contact Closure Multi-Point to Point 16-Channel Solid State 2-Mile Range

MirW Contact Closure Multi-Point to Point 16-Channel Solid State 2-Mile Range
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Our 16-Channel MirW Solid-State Relay Controller acts as a receiver for several remote... more
Product information "MirW Contact Closure Multi-Point to Point 16-Channel Solid State 2-Mile Range"

Our 16-Channel MirW Solid-State Relay Controller acts as a receiver for several remote contact-closure transmitters to control the on-board relays.  Up to 8 contact closure transmitters may be used to control the on-board relays at distances between 1 and 2 miles (line-of-sight).  MirW controllers use Digi 900HP-S3B 900MHz long-range mesh networking communication modules.  Devices work together to forward data to the receiving relay controller.  This allows devices far out of range to hand data to another device that is within communications distance to the relay board.  The wireless mesh networking topology is fully automatic and self adjusting.  Mesh devices are always working together to get data to the destination relay receiver.  Capable of 8 network hops, NCD mesh networking relay controllers will persistently seek a path, using nearby devices, to find a communications pathway to the receiving relay controller.

On-board solid-state relays are ideal for use in high reliability applications, such as motors, pumps, valves, solenoids, and lighting.  Solid-State relays are of the SPST variety, suitable for controlling your choice of AC or DC loads, depending on the relay chosen during configuration.  We can custom manufacture many options into this series of controllers, including advanced relay functionality such as relay timers, flashers, dead-man switches, watchdog timers, and much more.  MirW controllers are among the most flexible line of relay controllers.  Please let us know if we can customize this or any other product for your exact application.  NCD is capable of providing customized mirror solutions for the most difficult of applications.

About MirW Controllers

MirW Series Controllers allow switches in multiple remote locations to control relays installed in a single location. MirW series controllers accept contact closure inputs, and may be used to trigger many types of relays, from high-power solid state relays to low-power mechanical relays. MirW series controllers are sold in groups, including a specialized MirW relay controller and multiple remote transmitters. MirW packages are created on using our web site, and come pre-configured to work out of the box. A contact closure from any of the remotes will directly control a corresponding MirW relay.

Additional Information

MirW controllers are available in 1-Mile Point-to-Point and 2-Mile Mesh options. 1-Mile and 2-Mile options will not work together. 1-Mile Point-to-Point requires every transmitter to be within 1-Mile line-of-sight to the MirW Relay controller. The 2-Mile Mesh version requires a pathway no greater than 2-miles between the relay controller and the any of the transmitters. The 2-Mile Mesh version will pass data from transmitter to transmitter until it finds the receiver, so it is very important to have a pathway that never exceeds 2-Miles line-of-sight. 1-Mile option is faster than the 2-Mile option. Expect reaction time of the 1-Mile version in under a second. Expect reaction time of the 2-Mile version within 5 seconds, but may take up to 30 seconds depending on your installation. Multiple 1-Mile and 2-Mile sets of controllers can exist in the same location without significant interference. All MirW series controllers come with an external antenna.

MirW in Depth

MirW controllers are ready to work out of the box. However, users can configure MirW transmitters to send different relay control commands. MirW transmitters may be configured using a USB interface module (NCD Part Number ZUSB) and Base Station Software (https://ncd.io/start). Simply configure the MirW transmitter to send the relay control commands specific for your application or use the pre-configured relay control commands shipped with your controller. NCD Technical Support can assist you with advanced configuration requirements and build a package specialized for your specific needs.

Note: Data loss is possible for all wireless devices, MirW series controllers attempt to communicate your data up to 6 times and will not automatically retry after the 6 attempts have been made.

How to Order MirW Controllers

When adding this item to your shopping cart, many options will appear.  Here we will walk you through the options, to help clarify you understand the available options:

  • Relay Receiver Type indicates the type of relay you would like for us to install.  Choose the type of relay that best suits your application.  This item is required.  It is not possible to add this item to your cart until you have made a valid selection.

  • The 900HP-S3B communications module will be included.  This section is just letting you know that you will be getting the communications module.  You do not need to select any options.
  • The next section allows you to choose a power supply option for powering the relay receiver.  If you do not use our power supplies, make sure you use a high-quality computer-grade supply capable of delivering 1.25A or more.  Our controllers are equipped with a 2.1mm center positive barrel connector to simplify power connections.
  • MirW Transmitter Options is where you choose the size and quantity of transmitters.  MirW controllers support up to 8 transmitters.  This is a “soft” limit, meaning you can always add more, but communication speed starts to slow when too many transmitters are in the area.  Feel free to add more than 8 if you have to, but we generally recommend 8 or less if possible.  Each transmitter is available with 1, 2, 4, or 8 contact closure inputs.  Each input can be used to control select relays on the controller.  Since transmitters have a programmable function, we can configure each transmitter to issue just about any command to the MirW controller.  Feel free to add any combination of 1, 2, 4, or 8 channel transmitters to your order.  We will configure all of it to do exactly what you need.
  • Every MirW Transmitter will need a power supply.  Choose the quantity of power supplies for your particular application.
  • Induction Suppression Capacitors are highly recommended when controlling inductive loads (anything with a motor, transformer, or magnetic coil of any type).  Induction suppression caps must be wired externally near the source of the induction, as it is not possible for us to properly integrated these on the circuit board.  Please click the “Learn More” button next to the capacitor if you would like to see a wiring diagram.  If you are unsure of which type of capacitor to choose, the largest, most expensive caps we offer will yield the longest operational life, though they are all very long lived as long as they operate within their specified voltage range.


802.15.4 Module Wireless

900HP-S3B Industrial Wireless Mesh

Long-Range Wireless Mesh networking is our favorite of all wireless communication technologies.  This communication module will hop data from one location to another to reach its intended destination.  Data hopping is a integrated feature of this communication technology, users do not need to do anything other than make sure wireless modules stay within hopping range of each other.  We use the Digi 900HP-S3B module in our products, as this is the best the industry has to offer.  With a 2 mile range between modules and up to 8 hops, it is possible to cover 16 miles of wireless territory using this technology.  Using high-gain antennas, this module is capable of communicating to a remote module up to 28 miles away.


Solid State Relays

Solid state relays are ideal for agricultural switching applications, or remotely located switching.  SSRs are frequently chosen to control pumps, valves, solenoids, lights, and other high-reliability applications.  NCD solid-state relay controllers do not include solid-state relays, but you will have the option to choose the type of solid state relays you require when customizing your product. This controller is designed specifically to fit select Crydom solid-state relays, but may be compatible other solid-state relays made by other companies.


  • 16-Channel Solid-State Relay Receiving Controller
  • SPST Relays Ideal for Highly Reliable AC or DC Switching
  • Supports up to 8 Remote Contact Closure Transmitters
  • Multiple Contact Closure Transmitters to Relay Receiver
  • Mesh Networking Automatically Finds a Path to Receiver
  • 900MHz Wireless Operation with 1 or 2 Mile Range
  • 1,000 to 2,000 Foot Range Indoors and Non-LOS
  • Up to 28-Mile Range using High-Gain Antennas
  • No Computer, No Programming, We Customize
  • Relay Flash, Toggle, On/Off, and Timer Control
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