Fusion for TIVA V8+ MCU CARD for Tiva TM4C129XNCZAD

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WORLD’S FIRST DEBUGGER OVER WiFi On-board Debugging and programming over WiFi... more
Product information "Fusion for TIVA V8+ MCU CARD for Tiva TM4C129XNCZAD"


fusion for TIVA on-board wifi debugger/programmer

On-board Debugging and programming over WiFi

Fusion for TIVA development board integrates first-ever embedded debugger/programmer over WiFi. Enjoy cable-free world!

*CODEGRIP WiFi Licence is available as an add-on feature.
fusion for TIVA wifi debugger cross-continent access

Access anywhere, under any circumstances at anytime

Unlimited possibilities for development, you can place the development board in almost any hardly accessible places such as hazardous environment, agricultural setting, and high-rise buildings while still retaining full debugging and programming access.

fusion for TIVA wifi debugger redefine technical support

Redefine technical support

Replicating user’s hardware has always been a challenge, debugging over WiFi enables technical support to directly access user’s hardware.

Do more with less effort!


Mikroe fusion for TIVA codegrip debugger

Free on-board debugger & programmer over USB-C

The on-board CODEGRIP USB-C debugger & programmer, currently supports for more than 100 TIVA microcontrollers.

Lifetime free updates with new microcontrollers and vendors.


CODEGRIP Suite is a powerful software suite that offers complete control over the Fusion for ARM v8 development board. It is used to intelligently manage programming tasks, as well as various other options and settings of the development board.

Plug and play

USB C debugger enables effortless programming/debugging through generic USB driver connection without the need for additional driver support.


fusion for TIVA mcu card

Intuitively designed socket

Fluent design offers high-speed connector, low-profile integration of the MCU card with the development board, the socket has (female/male) connectors that eliminates wrong insertion. The MCU card has standardized dimensions that can support various number of pin varieties for specific hardware requirement. Such a modular approach allows flexibility in selecting the MCU type, regardless of the pin number or the specific hardware requirements.

fusion for TIVA mcu card

Freedom of choice

The new MCU card standard allows to simultaneously use from low pin count to high pin count microcontrollers on one board.

fusion for TIVA mcu card

MCU standard for TIVA

The MCU Card standard follows the modularity concept. The MCU Card itself carries all the components required for the proper operation of a particular MCU. This makes MCU Cards interchangeable, bridging design differences between various MCUs architectures.


fusion for TIVA display board connector

Display board connector

The Fusion for TIVA v8 development board features new display connector. New connector has a female 2x20-pin support, which allows different screen sizes as well as technologies.

fusion for TIVA display board connector

Screen technology

Display board connector can be attached with various screen technologies, currently available are the smart TFT capacitive screen boards which offer a wide selection of screen sizes and resolutions. Future, iterations will offer technologies such as OLED and e-Ink.

fusion for TIVA wifi display board connector

Screen sizes

Check out how it looks with different screen sizes and resolutions, choose from; TFT board 3 with a 3.5“ display with the resolution of 320x240 pixels, TFT board 4 with a 4.3“ display with the resolution of 480x272 pixels, TFT board 5 with a 5“ display with the resolution of 800x480 pixels, TFT board 7 with a 7“ display with the resolution of 800x480 pixels.


Rapid prototyping allows the engineer to take the most efficient and effortless way, to envision the design ideas, capabilities and limitations through measurable means. This is the crucial eliminating factor for time to market pressure.

fusion for TIVA premium user experience

Improved mikroBUS™ sockets

The Fusion for TIVA v8 offers five improved mikroBUS™ sockets, where you can place any of the 600+ different Click boards™. Adding, the infinite amount of possibilities with the largest add-on board selection in the world.

fusion for TIVA premium user experience

Ready-to-use Click boards™

With more than 600 Click boards™ available, they are the fastest-growing range of add-on boards in the world, which are standardized by pinout and size.

They enhance rapid development and accelerate time to market. These ready-to-use boards require no additional hardware configuration.

Engineered to deliver the best performances for the used components, they save developers of testing and troubleshooting often associated with the prototyping phase.

fusion for TIVA premium user experience

Endless modularity

The ready-to-use Click boards™ are saving time and money by offering complete solutions of hardware and software, instead of developing them from scratch.

Choose one of hundreds of Click boards™ out of these categories: mixed signal, wireless connectivity, storage, interface, displays, human-machine interface, adapter, clock and timing, motor control, power management and audio & voice.


fusion for TIVA power supply

State of the art power supply

Fusion for TIVA v8 offers state of the art power supply with constant power delivery and unprecedented flexibility. The power supply module is carefully designed to regulate, filter and distribute the power noise free.

In addition, it features convenient capacitive POWER and RESET buttons.

fusion for TIVA power supply

Uninterruptable power supply

Power supply unit supports a wide range of power sources that can be used: External 12VDC, USB, and a Li-Po/Li-ION battery. It also supports UPS functionality.

When powered by the battery, it offers an ultimate degree of autonomy.

fusion for TIVA power supply

Programmable voltage output

The power supply module supports programmable voltage output which can be used as a reference for various purposes, including A/D or D/A converters, comparators, and any other peripherals that require or can use an external reference voltage. The programmable voltage output can be controlled over the CODEGRIP Suite.


fusion for TIVA premium user experience

Robust by design

The Fusion for TIVA v8 development board is 3.2 mm thick, sturdy and durable design eliminates the board from bending when working with it. All the components of the board are produced on surface mounted technology standard, enabling sturdy, compact design.

fusion for TIVA premium user experience

Sturdy on its feet

Every detail is carefully thought through, form the height-adjustable stand with non-slip pads, to ergonomic design, which allows comfortable project development.

fusion for TIVA premium user experience

Clear intuitive layout

Fusion for TIVA v8 features clean and elegant design, allowing the user to instantly understand how to set it up and how to easily tune it according to needs. The development board is divided into several sections, arranged so that all the related interactive components such as switches, buttons, indicators, and connectors, are logically positioned and grouped together.


packaging image

Fusion for TIVA v8 is packed in the protective box along with the relevant documentation.This box is very resistant to all kinds of damage and shock.


Architecture ARM (32-bit)
Applications Rapid Prototyping, Firmware Development, Proof of Concept, etc.
Expandability 5 MikroBUS™ Sockets, 20 2x5-Pin headers
Connectivity USB, USB-UART, ETHERNET, CAN (on the MCU CARD if available)

The package contains:

  • Damage resistant protective box
  • Fusion for TIVA v8 board
  • MCU and Display board flyers
  • Adapter - USB-C Female to
    USB-A Male
  • Adapter - USB Micro Female to
    USB-C Male
  • USB-C cable
  • MCU Card
  • Board Schematic
  • User Manual
  • CODEGRIP Suite Quick Start Guide
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