Hexiwear Workstation

Hexiwear Workstation
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  • MIKROE-3017
  • MIKROE-3017
  Hexiwear Workstation expands the functionality of Hexiwear, your favorite IoT tool In... more
Product information "Hexiwear Workstation"


Hexiwear Workstation expands the functionality of Hexiwear, your favorite IoT tool

In the light of Hexiwear’s global success, we decided to make a full-featured development board that expands the functionality of your favorite IoT tool. The Hexiwear Workstation is the next step in rapid IoT prototyping.

What is HEXIWEAR Workstation

While Hexiwear combines style and usability found in high-end consumer devices, with the functionality of sophisticated engineering development platforms, the Hexiwear Workstation offers you the choice of expandability. Equipped with 4 mikroBUS™ sockets, an onboard programmer and debugger, a microSD card slot, digital temperature sensor, buttons, LEDs and more. Start your IoT adventure today.



USB connector

Ethernet ICD

USB connector allows connection with the integrated OpenSDA compatible programmer.

microSD card slot


Hexiwear Workstation comes equipped with a MicroSD card reader so that you can store all your data

Analog input


The Hexiwear Workstation board provides an analog interface in the form of one potentiometer, which acts as a voltage divider.

Audio module


The board comes with two audio amplifiers, capable of delivering up to 675mW of continuous RMS power into two built-in 8-ohm speakers.

Port Headers

port headers

The connectivity arsenal you need - two male IDC10 headers and a row of 10 PCB pads.

Temperature sensor


DS1820 is a digital temperature sensor that uses 1-wire® interface for its operation. It is capable of measuring temperatures within the range of -55 to 128°C.


port headers

Powerful onboard OpenSDA compatible mikroProg programmer and In-Circuit Debuger (ICD) can program and debug docked Hexiwear.

Reset buttons

port headers

Two reset buttons can be used to manually reset the respective MCUs of the docked Hexiwear - both the main MCU (K64F) and the multimode radio SoC (K40Z)



The board also contains a breadboard area with the additional 1x52 female header, which can be used for a custom circuit development

Piezo buzzer


Hexiwear Workstation comes with a piezo buzzer which can be connected to G2.5 or G4.0 pins and used as the sound signalization or notification in your applications

Hexiwear docking connector

Ethernet ICD

Hexiwear Workstation board is equipped with a small male mezzanine connector, which is used to interface the Hexiwear platform with the board.

Input/Output Group


These groups contain buttons, LEDs and headers, routed to the pins of the docking connector. They allow interaction with the docked Hexiwear, either by pressing buttons, displaying states of its pins on the LEDs, or using headers to interface it to an external device.

mikroBUS™ sockets


With four mikroBUS™ sockets you can add dozens of new functionalities to your board with minimum hardware adjustments. Collection of mikroBUS™ compatible is growing rapidly, and we have designed them with great care, saving you a precious development time. Just plug your board in, and you are good to go.

What’s in the Package

HEXIWEAR Workstation is packed in the protective box along with the relevant documentation. This box is very resistant to all kinds of damages and shocks. The package contains:


Damage resistant protective box


HEXIWEAR workstation board in antistatic bag


USB cable


Note: Hexiwear is not included in the package.


Applications Rapid IoT prototyping
Architecture ARM (32-bit)
Programming Onboard OpenSDA compatible mikroProg programmer and In-Circuit Debuger (ICD)
Key Features Analog input, temperature sensor, low power consumption (30mA with no docked Hexiwear), ADC inputs
Key Benefits Allows you to expand the functionalities of Hexiwear
Interface PWM,I2C,GPIO,Analog,1-Wire,UART,USB,SPI
Storage microSD card slot
Sound and Audio Audio module, Piezo buzzer
Expandability 4 mikroBUS™ sockets, Breadboard, Input/Output groups, Hexiwear docking connector
Input Voltage 5V (via USB) or 9-32V AC, 7-23V DC (via adapter)
Compatibility mikroBUS


mikroProg with mikroICD

The Hexiwear Workstation board is equipped with the mikroProg, an on-board OpenSDA compatible programmer and hardware in-circuit debugger for Kinetis MCUs. It is used to program and debug docked Hexiwear. The programmer allows seamless programming and debugging operations directly from within the mikroC for ARM, mikroPASCAL for ARM, or mikroBASIC for ARM compilers, as well as using it with the stand-alone programming application, called mikroProg Suite. It also supports the DAPLink programming method, which off ers an easy to use drag&drop based programming of the docked Hexiwear platform.

mikroProg Suite™ for ARM®

On-board mikroProg programmer requires special programming software called mikroProg Suite. This software is used to program both K64F and K40Z devices, and it can be used either as the stand-alone application or it is automatically launched from within the mikroC, mikroBASIC, or mikroPASCAL for ARM® compiler, when “build and program” button is pressed. Software has a clean and intuitive interface, and features the SingleClick technology, that allows programming with just a single button click!

mikroProg Suite™ software and programmer drivers are certified for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems.

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