NexGenTech Labs

NexGenTech Labs are State-of-art Technology Labs we help setup across the globe. We equip/upgrade these labs to latest Technology Development tools where users can learn, innovate or get skilled.

These labs can be present in

  • Schools,
  • Science or Engineering colleges,
  • Companies,
  • Incubation Centres,
  • Community spaces like Clubs, Townships etc. 

We are currently setting up the following Technology based lab setups -

  • IoT,
  • Robotics,
  • Industry 4.0,
  • Hybrid & EV,
  • Solar & Renewable Energy,
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning,
  • Health Tech,
  • 3D Printing & Rapid prototyping,
  • Smart Home,
  • Smart Cities 

Benefits to Users -

  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Latest Tech tools to tinker with
  • Academic/Industry Mentoring support
  • Be a Technology Rockstar!
  • Sharpen your tech skills to be Future Ready
  • Invest you time instead of Spending it - We highly recommend these labs for school and college students and also drop outs or students planning to do MS from foriegn universitities
  • Chance to work as Researcher in premium Indian institutes like IIT-Bombay or even as an intern Scientist in reputed Government R&D institute.
  • Engaging and Fun Workshops

Benefits for Schools, Colleges and other Academic Institute -

  • Cirriculum Development
  • In-classroom teaching aids by using latest technology tools
  • New Lab Development
  • Upgradation of old Labs
  • Faculty Training on Latest Technology Tools
  • Certification Program for the mentioned Technology
  • Place of excellence
  • Better NIRF Ranking
  • Joint Consultancy Projects
  • Industry Projects
  • Development of Employability
  • Skilling
  • Consultancy
  • Help in RFP

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