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CE30 3D obstacle-avoidance LiDAR
CE30 3D obstacle-avoidance LiDAR
Benewake launched CE30, a solid-state LiDAR with large FOV. It could simultaneously output grey and depth information within 132° horizontal FOV and 9° vertical FOV. Meanwhile no mechanical rotating component brings higher reliability...
₹1.00 *
TF03 LiDAR(Long-range distance sensor)
TF03 LiDAR(Long-range distance sensor)
TF03 is a industrial high-speed LiDAR, It contains two versions with 100m and 180m. TF03 includes compensation algorithms for outdoor glare and other interference, so it works normally under strong light environment and rain, fog and...
From ₹19,399.00 *
TFmini Plus LiDAR module(Short-range distance sensor)
TFmini Plus LiDAR module(Short-range distance...
TFmini Plus, based on TFmini, is a single-point short-range LiDAR sensor. Inherited characters of low cost, small size and low power consumption from TFmini, TFmini Plus has greatly improved its performance — increasing the measurement...
₹3,499.00 *
TFmini Series LiDAR module(Short-range distance sensor)
TFmini Series LiDAR module(Short-range distance...
TFmini series has the advantages of low cost, small volume and low power consumption, and multiple interfaces to meet different requirements. TFmini is a milestone for Benewake to promote the process of low cost LiDAR. It has unique...
₹2,899.00 *