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  • LB-650-0129
How It Works   The littleBits random Bit has 2 modes: "noise" and "random... more
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How It Works


The littleBits random Bit has 2 modes: "noise" and "random voltage." In "noise" mode, it outputs white noise, like a television set not tuned to any channel. In "random voltage" mode, it outputs random voltage signals that make oscillators play random pitches.







Use the "trigger out" connector and "speed" dial of the micro sequencer to set the timing of the random output pulses and use an input Bit like a dimmer to control the range of your random outputs. In random voltage mode, the Bit needs to receive a "clock" signal to change its voltage output. This could be from a Bit like the pulse, micro sequencer, or button.





With The Random Bit

  • Save The Whale


           A whale song on the KORG synth kit with animation triggered by remote control.  

  • Seashorwe Soundwaves

              BY F.J2

           This project demonstrates the awesome possiblities of our LittleBits modules. We create the...

  • Liue: The Littlebits Infinite Uncertanity Engine

             BY JEFF BRAGG

           This is my refined littleBits west coast style synthesizer in its most simple form

  •  Strings Synthesizer

             BY F.J2

           This project is for synth lovers ! Turn your Littlebits to a true polyphonic string...


  •  The Delay

               BY LULU216

            Creates an awesome noise, then repeats it.

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