Control Voltage (CV)

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How It Works   CV stands for "control voltage" and is a widely used term... more
Product information "Control Voltage (CV)"

How It Works


CV stands for "control voltage" and is a widely used term in the realm of analog synthesizers. A control voltage is a variable voltage signal that is used to control behaviors ranging from the pitch of oscillators to the cutoff setting of filters and more.



The CV Bit can be used for both CV and Gate/Trigger type signals used in analog synthesizers. The Bit is suitable for interfacing with modular analog synths, analog keyboards, as well as groove boxes like the Korg Volca series. The "Sync" ports employed in the Volca series of synths can be used to make your Bits play in sync with your Volcas or vice versa. The 3.5mm                                                                                         connection jacks should be used with mono 3.5mm plug phono cables.


CV In The CV Bit can scale incoming voltages as high as 12V down to the 5V system the littleBits system employs. To use the CV Bit to control your other Bits, connect the control device to the "CV In" jack. CV signals that come in through the "CV In" jack are routed to the output bitSnap.




The "CV In" jack is a switching jack so that any CVs coming in through the input bitSnap are not routed to the bitSnap output. When using the CV Bit as an input, you can control the pitch of oscillator Bits, the cutoff of filter Bits, trigger the envelope Bit, or control the speed of the micro sequencer Bit (put the micro sequencer into "Step" mode for this).




CV Out To use the CV Bit to control your other CV enabled synthesizer equipment, connect the control device to the "CV Out" jack. CV signals received from Bits at the input bitSnap are routed to the "CV Out" jack and the output bitSnap.





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