Gizmos & Gadgets Kit 2nd Edition

Gizmos & Gadgets Kit 2nd Edition
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Winner of 13+ awards & gift guides, the Gizmos & Gadgets, 2nd Edition is the ultimate... more
Product information "Gizmos & Gadgets Kit 2nd Edition"

Winner of 13+ awards & gift guides, the Gizmos & Gadgets, 2nd Edition is the ultimate app-enabled invention toolbox. It transforms passive screen time into a passion for hands-on inventing, problem solving and creativity.

What You'll Get

16 Inventions

(+ Thousand More Online & On The App!)



Invent a rover that roams your world wirelessly. Use this versatile vehicle to prank your pets or turn your room into a race track!





Invent a bot that creates big, beautiful bubbles using only a few Bits and some items from around the house.



Prank Package

Invent a box that bursts open on command to surprise unsuspecting bystanders.




Make a spinning sign for your lemonade stand or a creature that dances dizzily on your desk!





Create your own light patterns that dance in the dark with this rotating light projector.




Spin Roller

Invent a topsy turvy rolling hover board that does flips while it rolls!





Invent a creature that crawls across the carpet like a hungry inchworm racing for an apple.




If you could have one superpower, what would it be? With a few Bits and a little imagination, you can blast that power onto anything!




Art Spinner

Create a spin-art platform! Draw the next great artistic masterpiece or dizzying geometric patterns.




Brezzey Buddy

Whether your classroom feels like the surface of the sun or you want to bring the breeze with you on your next nature walk, this simple fan will keep you cool.



Fan Of Fortune

Create a fan that predicts the future. Just shake your phone to activate the spinner and let fate decide.





Invent a game that puts a new spin on an old arcade favorite: the pinball machine.



Camera Clicker

Invent a controller that snaps photos wirelessly from the camera on your phone or tablet.



Mischief  Machine

Create an invention to prank unsuspecting friends by rustling the robotic arm in a bag of your choice.




Aim Game

Invent a game to train your aim! This invention tallies how many times you hit the target and keeps score on your device.






Invent a machine that mimics your moves and helps you improve your baseball, golf, or tennis swing.



13 Bits & 56 Accrssories



The bargraph is like an equalizer. Get an instant view of the signal going through.




Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Control your inventions wirelessly from your iOS or Android device.




Bzzz! The buzzer is like the sound in an alarm clock: it makes a noise you just can't ignore.



DC Motor(Tethered)

The reversible direct current motor rotates a small shaft you can attach anything to.




The fan is just what you'd think: a small electric fan tethered to a Bit.




Light Sensor

The light sensor measures how much light is shining on it. It has 2 modes: light & dark.




The power Bit lets you use a 9-volt battery to supply power to all your connected Bits.




The servo is a controllable motor that can swing back and forth.


Slide Dimmer

The slide dimmer is an analog input. Adjust it by moving its lever from side to side.




The split Bit sends a single input to 2 wired outputs.




The wire allows you to extend your circuits and put more space between two Bits.




Ball Caster

The ball caster works as a wheel, and can be removed from the socket to use as a ball.




Battery + Cable

Connect it to your power Bit and then flip the switch to send juice to all of your creations!



Glue Dots

These adhesive dots are easy to apply, don’t need to dry, & have serious sticking power.



Mechnacial  Arm

Attach the arm to your servo or DC motor to expand your invention’s motion capabilities.





This accessory helps you attach wheels, paper, and lots of other materials to the DC motor.


Mounting Boards

Keep your circuit intact and move it around with ease with our mounting boards.




Project Templets

We’ve simplified construction for some inventions by creating these paper templates.






This little purple screwdriver is used to modify any Bit with a micro adjuster (e.g. pulse, rgb...




The screws secure attachments like the mechanical arm and servo mount to your invention.



Servo Accessories

Your servo motor comes with a couple great arms to help you in your projects. Use a Phillips...





Servo Hub

Make complex movements by attaching materials to your servo motor using the servo hub.


Servo Mount

Use a servo mount and littleBits shoe to secure your servo motor to any surface.




Shoes (Adhesive)

Press shoes onto your circuit to keep it securely intact.


Sticker Sheet

Customize your inventions and get creative with our official littleBits sticker pack.





Add this 3-3/16" (80mm) diameter wheel to a DC motor and take your invention for a spin!















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