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Facilitate fun STEM/STEAM workshops with this set, configured for 8 groups of inventors. Get... more
Product information "Workshop Set"

Facilitate fun STEM/STEAM workshops with this set, configured for 8 groups of inventors. Get ideas from the Educator's Guide or make your own workshops!

What You'll Get

160 Bits & 178 Accessories



You've used a button before! This is a clicker, tact switch, etc...




Bzzz! The buzzer is like the sound in an alarm clock: it makes a noise you just can't ignore.





DC Motor (Tethered)(8)

The reversible direct current motor rotates a small shaft you can attach anything to.





The fan is just what you'd think: a small electric fan tethered to a Bit.




Connect one output to as many as 3 other Bits to trigger multiple actions at once.




Inverter is a very contrary logic Bit. It sends out the opposite of whatever it receives.




Use the latch to turn any momentary input into an on-off switch, like a toggle!



Light Sensor(8)

The light sensor measures how much light is shining on it. It has 2 modes: light & dark.



Long LED(8)

If you ever wanted an LED in a tiny little space, the long LED is your Bit!



The number Bit displays information about the signal it’s receiving from other Bits.





The power Bit lets you use a 9-volt battery to supply power to all your connected Bits.



Pressure Sensor(8)

The pressure sensor is a touch-activated Bit. Give its pad a squeeze to activate it!




The pulse Bit is like an electronic heartbeat. It sends out a stream of short ON signals.




The RGB LED Bit is a special light whose color you can adjust.




The servo is a controllable motor that can swing back and forth.



Slide Dimmer(8)

The slide dimmer is an analog input. Adjust it by moving its lever from side to side.



Temperature Sensor(8)

The temperature sensor responds to the temperature surrounding its probe.




Think of the threshold as a toll booth for signal passing through your circuit.



The wire allows you to extend your circuits and put more space between two Bits.





Battery + Cable(8)

Connect it to your power Bit and then flip the switch to send juice to all of your creations!


Brick Adapter(8)

The brick adapter enables you to easily snap your Bits to LEGO® bricks.




Getting Started With Littlebits

Getting Started with littleBits is a comprehensive guide to littleBits.




This accessory helps you attach wheels, paper, and lots of other materials to the DC motor.



Mounting Boards(8)

Keep your circuit intact and move it around with ease with our mounting boards.




This little purple screwdriver is used to modify any Bit with a micro adjuster (e.g. pulse, rgb...



Press shoes onto your circuit to keep it securely intact.




Tackle Box

Perfect for stowing your Bits away in the workshop and at home, or taking on the go!































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