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Atlas Scientific I2C Toggler
Atlas Scientific I2C Toggler
Easily switch between UART & I2C with the press of a button: 1. Select EZO™ circuit type 2. Insert your EZO™ circuit 3. Plug I2C Toggler into USB port/cable 4. Press and hold button for ~1 second 5. Release after color change: Blue =...
₹1,319.00 *
Atlas Scientific EZO Adapter
Atlas Scientific EZO Adapter
The EZO™ Adapter, allows you to connect a 5 pin EZO™ Sensor to a 6 pin socket. The EZO™ Adapter works with the following EZO devices: EZO-O2 (O2 Sensor) EZO-CO2 (CO2 Sensor) EZO-RGB (Color Sensor) EZO-PMP (Peristaltic Pump) EZO-PRS...
₹329.00 *